What is the Appeal of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular app games that have been released on many mobile devices and the popularity of the game, even to the point of having created a real frenzy, is hard to understand and explain. Here are some of the reasons why Pokemon Go created such a popular frenzy with consumers.


Popularity of the Franchise

Nintendo, who owns and has issued all of the Pokemon games in the past, have been very guarded with their intellectual content, not releasing many mobile games in the past. Instead, they rely on this intellectual content to sell their hardware video game systems. When Nintendo decided to release Pokemon Go it resulted in a departure from this process and allowed many of the players who might otherwise not be able to play these games for lack of the hardware, to suddenly relive their favorite Pokemon characters.


Unique and Innovative Game Play

Pokemon Go has some unique and innovative game play that emulates true virtual reality systems. The virtual reality nature of Pokemon Go allows players to interact with the world around them and collect Pokemon from the streets that they live on and creates a real interaction with the world around them. In addition, players can visit gyms and fight against other Pokemon trainers and the ability to collect, train, and fight these different Pokemon, are part of what makes Pokemon Go such a unique and innovative game.


The Built Up Frenzy

The popularity of Pokemon Go is partly the result of the positive press and the snowball nature of this popularity for users. Once some positive articles arose commenting on the game, others decided to download it, enjoyed the game, and further spread the word, resulting in Pokemon Go becoming a run away hit. Since the game is free to download and play, the investment in Pokemon Go is small. For more info click on pokemon go hack.